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Yes – technology has just about ruled the world. In fact, just about one of the most defining traits of this generation is the technology. Though not necessarily a bad thing, people tend to have forgotten about the old fashioned things that we as people would often use.
Picture Frames
These days, we sacrifice the meaning of many things and end up making some great things quite mundane. The lovely and romantic love letter has become a just a text. The social media like Facebook has made the picture frame a thing almost obsolete. But is this necessarily good?
What are the things that such a thing can give that Facebook photos can’t?

          1. You don’t need much – You really do not have to go to great lengths such as buying a laptop or a desktop or going to an internet café or library just to go check these pictures out.

          2. Nobody can “stalk” you – Facebook and other social media have been in use by many other people that sometimes you may find it more than a little bit creepy that some stranger you do not know is looking at all your pictures. Though you can set your pictures to private, nothing says secure better than a picture frame that stays exactly where you want it to be.

          3. It has a more “memorable” feel to it – It really doesn’t take much to have a picture frame. It would cost just about as much effort of putting a photo in a frame as uploading pictures to the internet. But you have to admit, the photos in frames give you more of a feeling of melancholy of happy moments passing by than that of Facebook photos which have about a dozen of variations with you doing different poses.

          4. It is unique – Let’s face it, photos in Facebook and many other social sites usually consists of only a person, a mirror, and a camera in one hand. Back in the days, pictures were captured in moments that really bring out good memories. You would really almost literally capture the moment with a picture. Putting it in a frame would really make it much more unique.

          5. Its more authentic- The pictures in frames really differ so much from the ones that you just take with your phone or DSLR camera. You really get to feel some sort of good feeling when you look at those pictures. These pictures used to be more real and not so much planned.
You get to see pictures of family gatherings in the pictures rather than seeing some sort of collage that you can make with your computer.

          Though technology has really been very advanced lately and just about every year there’s something really ground-breaking that is introduced to our world – we really shouldn’t forget the old things that should stay.

We really ought to know more and value more the little things that are not techie but are very much still valuable. Little things like having a picture frame rather than opting for a Facebook photo would be good every once in a while.

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